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Steel works

Great Beginnings. 
Great Future. 

Mark Evan Robinson, founder

Early Years

Mark Evan Robinson laid the groundwork for Induction Iron Inc. in 1975, drawing upon his experience while employed at Scrap Corp of America. Recognizing a niche in the market for high-quality, low carbon steel melt stock, Mark seized the opportunity to establish a new venture within Scrap Corp. With the backing of his parent company, he pioneered this line of business, catering to foundries across the United States. Two years later, amid financial challenges faced by Scrap Corp of America, the company underwent acquisition by a foreign entity. In a shrewd maneuver, Mark negotiated a deal with the new owners to acquire the low carbon operation, thus setting the stage for the independent establishment of Induction Iron Inc.



Acquisition and Expansion

Mark Robinson dedicated himself to steering the company towards profitability and settling his financial obligations to Scrap Corp. In 1975, his efforts culminated in the establishment of Induction Iron Inc. Initially operating from a home office, Mark expanded operations to Myrtle Beach, SC, and Evansville, IN. Relocating headquarters to Tampa, FL in 1983, he strategically grew the company. Under Mark's leadership, Induction Iron thrived, renowned for quality products and superior service, cementing its place in the industry. Mark's dedication and strategic vision were instrumental in the company's success.

Legacy and Beyond

Mark epitomized diligence and tenacity, guided by unwavering integrity and a commitment to excellence. Known for his resilience and genuine demeanor, he garnered widespread respect and admiration. Mark's customer-centric approach and genuine care for others defined his legacy. Despite battling prostate cancer, he remained devoted to his business until his passing in 2021.


Today, Induction Iron is a cherished family legacy, sustained by Mark's family who honor his values of integrity and customer satisfaction.

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